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  • Application of Power Amplifier in Ultrasonic Power Measurement in HIFU Sound Field


    Power amplifiers are also widely used in MEMS testing, piezoelectric ceramic drives, transducer drives, non-destructive testing, particle sorting, ultrasonic testing, etc., to meet the needs of different researchers.

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  • Application of Power Amplifier in Testing and Analysis of Ultrasonic Motor


    AigtekATA-7000 series power amplifiers are widely used in ultrasonic motor testing and analysis. The maximum output voltage is 6KVp-p, the maximum output current is 30mAp, and the frequency is DC~5KHz. Meet the needs of different driving indicators.

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  • Application of Power Amplifier in Research of Influence of Ultrasonic Polymerization Reaction Condition


    The following introduces a study on the influence of power ultrasound on polymerization conditions under the action of a power amplifier.

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  • Application of high voltage amplifier in radio energy transmission


    Metal foreign matter intrusion into the radio energy transmission system will cause irreversible harm to the system, so metal foreign matter detection is an essential link in the design process of the radio energy transmission system. Aigtek high voltage amplifier is widely used in the experiment of metal foreign matter detection with radio energy transmission, which meets the requirements of different voltage and power excitation. High voltage amplifiers are also widely used in MEMS testing, piezoelectric ceramic driving, transducer driving, nondestructive testing, particle sorting, ultrasonic testing and so on.

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  • Application of Power Amplifier in Self-demodulation Signal Test of Audio Directional System


    The ATA-4000 series power amplifier has a maximum output power of 452Wp, a maximum output voltage of 310Vp-p (±155Vp), a maximum output current of 4Arms, and a bandwidth of up to DC~3MHz. It plays an important role in promoting the development of audio directional system.

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  • What is the difference between a voltage source and a current source?


    The current source cannot be opened, otherwise the voltage will be too high and the circuit will be burned out. The current source used in the fields of semiconductor laser production and testing, measurement and scientific research has an infinite internal resistance and is called an ideal current source

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